The X you want to play with.

What is X-Play?

You don’t really have to ask this. X-Play is probably our most iconic and honorable product of the collection. Proven performance and outstanding reliability have made this stick a favorite among the masses. Combination of trusted and popular components with timeless EXEL spirited colors, that’s what X-Play is all about.

  • X blade

    Blade every player recognizes, a classic. If you're looking for great all-around blade, X is something you'd like to get your hands on. Unique rib design ensures excellent torsional rigidity for powerful shooting. Low to medium 7 mm concavity ensures accurate passing. Medium 15mm pre curve is made for easy dribbling. That's a triple threat for every all-around players.

  • T-3 grip

    Reliable soft grip with good slip resistance. Bright, fresh color options. Best way to tune your stick for cool appearance.