A color changing revolution.


We bet you have never seen anything like this in floorball. Rub the shaft to change the color and make the speedometer point to maximum. Leave no stone turned to boost your game to another level. A kids’ stick for performance and fun.

  • Color changing effect

    There are many things in the world claimed impossible until proven otherwise. Turboboost shaft changes color when rubbing. Find your nearest retailer and try it out yourself.

  • AIR Jr blade

    Turboboost is equipped with our popular AIR blade but in junior size. A bit smaller blade size adds agility and enables easier ball handling for smaller players. Air features DRS (double rib system) which minimizes air resistance and maximizes swing speed while shooting. The rails on the bottom of the blade minimize friction while playing which leads to more power to the shots. On average 20% less air resistance than traditional blades. Substantial 8mm concavity gives you great ball control and medium 15mm pre-curve convincing dribbling abilities. Medium open face angle ensures effective goal scoring. A great blade for shooting and dribbling.

  • T-3 grip

    Reliable soft grip with good slip resistance. Bright, fresh color options. Best way to tune your stick for cool appearance.