Square 1

Power and pace, inspired by ice hockey.

What is Square 1?

Our aim was to lower the step for ice hockey players to try out floorball. In addition to that, we managed to create a wonderful and functional stick not only for hockey players. Square1 has retained its place in our collection for a respectable time and we wanted to celebrate the stick’s long lasted career by releasing the best edition of it yet. Default blade is our most all-around blade X but it can be easily replaced with the one you enjoy the most. Square1 is the choice for those, who aren’t set with the traditional round and oval shaped shafts.

  • Square shaft

    The square-shaped shaft fits perfectly in hand. It rounds out towards the bottom of the shaft enabling compatibility with our other blades as a spare part. Even if you’re not a fan of hockey, this shaft shape is something we’d still recommend to try out. Square1 is available in junior sizes as well.

  • Retro artwork

    Earlier versions of Square1 are dope as well, but we wanted to make this one the most beautiful yet. Exciting mixture of black, red and white combined with the one-piece grip make this stick something you really want to show off in locker room. Hardcore Clan members might remember the first outfit of Square1, isn’t there something familiar?

  • 1PC Grip

    Gorgeous 1PC grip is the icing on the cake for this stick. Artwork of the shaft is nice, but the appearance of the grip gives you all the possibilities to look like king of the rink. 1PC grip in adult sizes, T3 in junior sizes.