Modern gameplay from the get-go.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

What is E-FECT?

E-Fect is a brand new top performance blade. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland. It’s designed to fulfill the requirements of modern style of play. Versatile attributes makes it perfect for easy dribbling and precise shooting. Stiff and strong heal construction transmits the power towards the tip end for harder shots. Light weight design enables fast ball movement and effective forechecking and takeaways. E-Fect is the most modern blade on the market.

7 Color options available

  • High Concavity

    8,5mm concavity enables silky smooth touch and great ball control. Precise and effective shooting.

  • High Pre-Curve

    Move pass opponents with sneaky dekes. 18mm pre-curve ensures easy dribbling and options for creative decisions.

  • High Open Face Angle

    Secure your spot on the highlight reel. Ready to go open face angle guarantees easy and accurate shooting and finishing.

What people say about the E-fect?

“E-Fect is a blade that gives me the best of everything. The blade is perfectly suited for shooting and passing at the same time. I like that it's a large blade, it makes the volley game much easier.

The MB plastic makes the touch very soft and handling easier. While running, the ball lays great in the hook without spinning which makes the shots harder and passing more smooth. The structure of the blade also feels strong and reliable. It stays in shape while shooting one-timers which makes aiming more precise.

Last I need to mention the weight of the blade. For me it's very important to have an well balanced stick and I have had problems with heavy blades in the past. Even though the E-Fect blade is large, the weight is still very low and perfectly suited for the Impact shaft that I'm using!”

- Tobias Gustafsson, Storvreta IBK, Swedish national team

“It became love at first contact. I would like to describe E-Fect as the perfect blade as it suits my playing style so well. I am a player with good technique and a good eye for the game, while I can also shoot well.

I think the MB plastic that has been used in this product is the best in the market. When you get a hard pass from your teammate at full speed, the ball is perfectly damped by the blade. Also the shape of the blade is ideal for me as I dribble a lot and often make the decisive passes. This blade makes it all much easier for me. Not to forget, shooting with this is ridiculously fun and effective. ”


- Nowa Veteläinen Lindgren, Pixbo Wallenstam IBF