Modern gameplay from the get-go.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

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Our popular Air blade features DRS (double rib system) which minimizes air resistance and maximizes swing speed while shooting. The rails on the bottom of the blade minimize friction while playing which leads to more power to the shots. On average 20% less air resistance than traditional blades. Substantial 8mm concavity gives you great ball control and medium 15mm pre-curve convincing dribbling abilities. Medium open face angle ensures effective goal scoring. A great blade for shooting and dribbling.

AIR Chameleon

Our popular Air blade with color changing effect!
Available in Blue and Pink!


A classic – the blade every player recognizes. If you're looking for great all-around blade, X is something you need to get your hands on. Unique rib design ensures excellent torsional rigidity for powerful shooting. Low to medium 7 mm concavity ensures accurate passing. Medium 15mm pre curve is made for easy dribbling. That's a triple threat for every all-around players.


Shooter's delight, high concavity ICE blade for critical finishing. Designed for volume shooters, works with other player types as well. Rails in the bottom of the blade eliminate unnecessary friction.


Take it easy and enjoy. CHILL is ready to go after purchasing. High concavity tames even the most inaccurate passes. Low to medium pre-curve and open face angle maximize ball control abilities.


Playmaker's dream. Vision’s Double Rib System (DRS) combined with modest concavity and the slightest of pre-curves enables outstanding ball control. Rails on the bottom of the blade minimize friction which enables faster blade speed. If you are a technical player, who likes to use backhand as well, this is your new favorite blade. Also ideal for practicing ball control.

Mega 2.0

Upgraded version of the legend itself, with lighter and stiffer construction. Slightly more concavity than Megalomaniac. Easily modifiable to player's needs.


The legend. Easily modifiable to player's needs. Almost straight with exceptional ball control. No further info needed, the blade speaks for itself.